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NORCO China is the domestic well-known professional provider of embedded computer products, successfully forged the X86 architecture and ARM architecture two mature embedded computer products supply chain, products related to computer interface card, embedded systems, industrial machine and tablet, etc., can also provide customers many industries with high flexibility and customization of products and services.
smart medical care
In vitro diagnostic · In vitro diagnostic
Medical imaging · Medical imaging
Surgical equipment · Surgical equipment
Artificial intelligence
Face recognition · Face recognition
Drone · Drone
Intelligent robot · Intelligent robot
Wisdom and retail
No one restaurant · No one restaurant
The future supermarket · The future supermarket
Self-help vending machine · Self-help vending machine
Warehousing logistics
Intelligent storage · Intelligent storage
Intelligent sorting · Intelligent sorting
Intelligent express ark · Intelligent express ark
Wisdom city
Intelligent transportation · Intelligent transportation
The environmental monitoring · The environmental monitoring
Peaceful city · Peaceful city
Rail traffic
AFC system · AFC system
PIS system · PIS system
Lighting project
Light control · Light control
Wisdom light pole · Wisdom light pole
Network security
Intrusion prevention · Intrusion prevention
Intelligent gateway · Intelligent gateway
Smart grid
Intelligent inspection · Intelligent inspection
Power monitoring · Power monitoring
Intelligence operations · Intelligence operations
E-government system · E-government system
The financial system · The financial system
Data center · Data center
Industrial automation
Machine vision · Machine vision
Laser equipment · Laser equipment
Numerical control system · Numerical control system
Industrial robot · Industrial robot
Non-standard automation equipment · Non-standard automation equipment
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