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  • Overseas sales engineer

    Hiring: 10 people, men and women there is no limit
    Age: 25 to 40
    Education: college
    Requirement: above 2 years working experience
    Salary: negotiable

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    Job description:

    Product sales is responsible for the specified area, recommend the best product solutions to customers, clients complete area sales objectives.


    1, responsible for sales of all series of products in the area of work, complete the sales task;

    2, actively explore new markets and new customers, expand market share;

    3, cooperate with the company strategy to complete the marketing activities such as trade show, expand the company's brand influence;

    4, coordinate internal resources service customer, improve customer satisfaction;

    Professional knowledge and skills:

    1, strong communication skills;

    2, a comprehensive computer software and hardware knowledge;

    3, familiar with X86 hardware professional knowledge structure, understand the development trend of the IT industry;

    4, familiar with Intel/Freescale/fairly RK/haisi platform of product application and case;

    Job requirements:

    1, 2 years above sales experience, with PC/IPC industry sales experience is preferred;

    2, with market industry analysis ability;

    3, education background, computer, automation, communication, electronic engineering related majors, bachelor degree or above;

    4, language requirement: fluent in mandarin, English speaking, reading and writing;

    5, other: have strong communication skills, good team cooperation spirit, cheerful enthusiasm, affinity, positive and optimistic, strong sense of responsibility, can work under high pressure.

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