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Shenzhen NORCO Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.. (Referred to as" NORCO), is a collection of special computer industry product research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of national high-tech enterprises, products, industrial tablet computer interface card, embedded systems, industrial machine etc, can be widely used in medical, artificial intelligence, wisdom, warehousing logistics, retail, wisdom city rail transit, lighting engineering, network security, smart grid, localization, industrial automation and other industries.

Many years of development, always adhere to the control in NORCO China a meritocracy, people-oriented concept of talent, formed a complete research and development team with rich experience and technology, absorb the r&d engineers and all kinds of technical personnel more than 100 people, is shouldering the company's core products and technology development work. NORCO China, meanwhile, was built  in huizhou daya bay covers an area of 65000 square meters of production base, production workshop is equipped with the technology complete structure and electronic production workshop, the integration of a dedicated computer configuration for the industry of production process in SMT, DIP line, assembly line, electronic aging workshop, loading screen dust-free workshop and advanced testing, analysis equipment, to ensure that the company's production technology for a long time in the same industry leading level.

Relying on strong research and development, production platform, NORCO China with Intel,NXP,Rockchip,Hisilicon,Hygon,Phytium,zhaoxin,Loongson, cooperate with the domestic and foreign well-known chip companies such as the godson, successfully built the X86 architecture and ARM architecture two mature embedded computer products supply chain, with "NORCO China " and "NORCO" independent brands such as series of computer products. "NORCO China" for many years was identified as "guangdong famous trademark" and "shenzhen well-known brands", existing products has won many national invention patents and utility model patents, the company has more than 10 consecutive years was identified as the national high-tech enterprises, is the industrial enterprises of shenzhen baoan district.

NORCO China has been in Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu, shenyang, tianjin, shijiazhuang and other 20 room set up branches and offices across the country, sales and technical service, strive to in the shortest distance of radiation, quickly and efficiently to local customers nearby to provide customized products and services, to power control in the intelligent community service, NORCO China is already in one of the leading enterprises in the field of special computer!


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