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NORCO: with customized embedded computer products, help to build a non-standard type laser cutting machine

In the context of China's intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation, intelligent processing demand increasing, automatic laser cutting machine market maintained a rapid development momentum, and accelerate the advance in the direction of high precision, high power, personalized.

1、Non-standard type laser cutting machine high demand


Laser cutting machine, the essence of which is the fusion application of optical, mechanical and electrical technology, controlled by computer, through the application after focusing the laser generator to produce high power density of the ability to implement automation equipment for deep processing of all kinds of metal materials, non-metallic materials. With its cutting speed, high production efficiency, product advantages, short production cycle and the sign in sheet metal processing, advertisement word manufacturing, precision parts, automobile, machinery, hardware and other industries to realize a wide range of applications.


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However, the standard of laser cutting machine can meet the needs of most users. With the rapid development of market economy, the differentiation from different industries user functional requirements, technical requirements, such as successively put forward, so was born the non-standard type laser cutting equipment, namely, customized according to customer demand, non-standard type laser cutting machine. Its operation is convenient, flexible, not a single, functional modules according to user needs to add, can change the room is big, more in line with the market development trend of personalized laser cutting machine, and high demand in recent years.

Based on this, the relevant manufacturers in undertake the production of non-standard type laser cutting machine, hardware of computer control system of flexible customization capability are also put forward higher requirements. In this environment, NORCO constantly improve the independent innovation ability of the enterprise, introduced a customized embedded computer products.


2、NORCO customized embedded computer products


NORCO is the domestic well-known professional provider of embedded computer products, with years of technology accumulation and strong r&d platform, built the X86 architecture and ARM architecture two mature product supply chain, and can be multiple industries provide highly elastic and customized products and services.

NORCO can provide non-standard type laser cutting machine control system by computer interface card production custom, including customization function interface, version type, accessories, peripherals installation and customization environment and EMC test, etc. Product support with Intel, AMD, NXP, Rockchip, Hisilicon, Hygon, Phytium, ZHAOXIN, Loongson processor platform, can be differentiated according to different chipset platform function extension.

NORCO can provide non-standard type laser cutting machine control system using embedded system/industrial production of the machine customization, including whole structure customization, system assembly, authentication tools and customized packing, etc. Product integration is high, can make different size and heat dissipation structure according to customer's requirements, to meet the demand of different environment, processing technology.

In addition, NORCO success will be the card class product development time compression to 30 workdays, structure of product development time compression to 10 working days. At the same time can also provide customers with software development, system customization, drive software, such as technical support, comprehensive help build non-standard type laser cutting machine and other equipment.

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