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Double tenth a shopping spree in NORCO embedded industrial computer assisted intelligent express ark cover the whole city

In 21st century China, artificial intelligence and the Internet rapid development, the progress of the online payment function prompted into the main way people shopping online retail development, more and more people begin to enjoy the fun of online shopping.

How strong is people's shopping enthusiasm? A few years ago, we bought a double tenth day thing may wait until the end of the month also can't get, mountain express Courier also dead tired, the norm of goods too much lead to traffic accident, to a certain extent will affect the enthusiasm of people online shopping.

But now, the appearance of intelligent express ark makes got better solve these problems.


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Intelligent express ark is based on Internet of things technology, identification, staging, monitoring and management in the integration of equipment, and embedded industrial control together form the intelligent express terminal system, realize the unified management and integrated processing of each delivery box.

The emergence of intelligent express ark makes the Courier don't have to spend extra time for recipient, also facilitate the recipient at any time check your Courier information, self pick-up.

Embedded industrial computer as the core hardware of intelligent express ark, need help intelligent express ark complete information collection and sorting, data updating and long-distance transmission, and through all kinds of sensors to realize the function such as the operation of the terminal (including SMS alerts, RFID identification, surveillance camera, etc.). Because smart express ark outdoor environment variety, and embedded industrial computer for a long time continuously maintain normal operation, data were collected and processed in a timely manner, and so on high performance requirements.

NORCO embedded industrial computer with intelligent express ark

For intelligent express ark the technology needs of each functional module, NORCO developed the hd touch screen and graphical display, network transmission, wireless remote control, which integrates a variety of embedded industrial computer and industrial tablets and can be widely used in intelligent express ark, intelligent brake machine, industrial automation control, intelligent transportation and other industries.

In addition, NORCO building embedded industrial computer USES fanless design, strong, moisture-proof, dustproof, high temperature resistance, good heat dissipation and stability, and can ensure that intelligent express ark long trouble-free operation in complex environment. Provide multiple network connection methods (such as gigabit network, WIFI, etc.), computer hardware technology support for wisdom urban construction.

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