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Digital agriculture new opportunities | NORCO introduced agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) control system for embedded industrial control boa

Under the lead of high-speed development of science and technology, agricultural digital transformation is becoming a trend. Countries to support the new infrastructure construction in agriculture, agricultural innovation and development has formed a certain market scale unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).


China is a agricultural country, the agricultural economy is the foundation of the national economic development in our country. But with the improvement of the national economy, the rural labor force decreased dramatically, backward agricultural production conditions, low level of agricultural mechanization problems increasingly exposed, lead to the sustainable development of agricultural economy has some negative influence.


▌ Innovation and development of the farm unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)


In this context, agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) as a typical representative of advanced science and technology and agricultural integration application developed rapidly. By uavs monitoring equipment, the user can control farmland environment change anytime and anywhere, using communications connectivity components with ground control platform, still can real-time synchronous farmland relevant images and data, visualization and management. In addition, equipped with spraying mechanism of agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) through the ground, remote control, or navigation flight control system can complete drug, seed and powder spraying, thus greatly improving the efficiency of agricultural production and safety.

NORCO summed up its application and functional and technical demands, mainly has the following several aspects:

Environmental monitoring, which requires agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) embedded system platform with high stability and high scalability, peripherals connected to support monitoring equipment, etc

Networking communication - for agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) control system hardware network connectivity, data transmission capacity to demand higher

Data visualization, which requires agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) control system hardware is a powerful video/image acquisition, analysis and processing capacity


▌▌ NORCO agricultural uav embedded hardware


NORCO are dedicated professional provider of embedded computer products industry, focusing on digital agriculture development wave, based on the Intel platform, AMD platform, Rockchip platform, NXP platform, Hisilicon platform, such as processors, built is suitable for agricultural flight control of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) control system module, core board, 3.5 -inch board and other computer hardware.


The EMB - 7570, for example, is based on NXP NORCO i.M X8Q Max processor to build embedded computer interface card. Product integration of GPU, image processing and hd display of support higher end; The onboard memory, support for SATA, eMMC, TF storage; Support HDMI + an LVDS interface, support high resolution; Provide multiple high-performance gigabit front-end ports, onboard bluetooth, Wifi, onboard support 4 g module extension, with flexible network application environment; Provide a serial port, USB, CAN, GPIO, MIPI, SPI, LED, Mini - I/O functions such as PCIe interface, CAN meet the demand of various ancillary access; Support watchdog function, support Android, Linux operating system, high stability and high extensibility.

In addition, NORCO agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) control system for embedded board also supports custom, can according to customer required for the practical application of highly flexible and customized products and services, to create maximum value for customers!

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