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Electric power industry application | NORCO can provide intelligent power monitoring and control system for computer products

With the vigorous development of the new infrastructure and AIOT 5 g, many large power supply demand of public facilities, for grid security and reliability of monitoring and control system, real-time performance, ease of use and other aspects put forward the higher request, power monitoring gradually to the intelligent transformation.


Intelligent power monitoring and control system technology to the ground


Intelligent power monitoring system is the use of computer, measuring protection device and the bus technology and so on, on the medium and low voltage power distribution system of real-time data, switch state and the remote control for centralized management of intelligent service platform. Under the background of power supply demand huge, it is a key support to ensure the safe operation of the power system, and has been a lot of enterprises and office buildings, intelligent buildings, shopping malls and other introduced use.


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In the design of intelligent power monitoring system, mainly by the management (station control layer), communication (middle) and interval layer (layer field monitoring) of three parts. With computer control system as the operation platform, large relational database for monitoring platform, can complete the real-time and timing acquisition field device of electricity parameters, display, or acquisition of data, or directly through the analysis and calculation to generate new intuitive graphical display. Carrying electric power monitoring and control system software, can give different permissions to different levels of users, to all user operation and power supply to record information, to switch shift, parameter and real-time alarm, such as the limit, to ensure system security and reliability in operation process.

NORCO believes that the construction of intelligent power monitoring system, cannot leave the platform of the embedded computer support. In order to ensure the electric power monitoring and control system in such aspects as data monitoring and system control function and application of the relevant manufacturer must choose the quality and the best performance of computer hardware as its carrier technology.


NORCO - electric power monitoring and control system solutions


NORCO is a special computer industry leader, based on industrial control technology in the subsoil of the electric power industry for many years, the sea, red core micro, grace wisdom pu and other intelligent chipset platform to create a series of computer interface card, embedded systems, industrial tablets are available to provide electric power monitoring and control system of intelligent power.

NORCO can be used in the electric power monitoring and control system in diversified computer board. Product size is small, the rich interface, serial port, so design, support gigabit network/WIFI / 4 g network connection mode, support deep learning neural network acceleration, support the fast algorithm, with flexible network application environment and powerful data processing ability, can be a highly integrated in electric power monitoring and control system of main computer control system.

NORCO can provide for electric power monitoring and control system integration, new fanless embedded system product solutions. The series industrial control adopts the NORCO unique ice fins fan interface, interface, high reliability, rich support WDR, multistage noise reduction, six axis stabilization and a variety of image enhancement and correction algorithm, support the working environment and wide working temperature, cooling performance, fighting ability strong, easy to install easy to maintain, can help electric power monitoring and control system to realize the real-time monitoring and 7 * 24 hours the perfect application of continuous operation, etc.

The application of the electric power is one of sustaining social development infrastructure, market demand is big. NORCO surrounding new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, computer power, the power industry, to provide leading power monitoring and control system for computer products.

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