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NORCO, embedded computer application in medical high-end breathing machine

Along with the advancement of domestic wisdom to reform health care, medical apparatus and instruments field also presents a vitality. Especially new crown worldwide epidemic outbreak, stimulate the rising demand for medical breathing machine, and the development of the breathing machine market is becoming more and more quickly.


01The development of medical high-end breathing machine


Breathing machine is the important of modern clinical medicine in artificial replacement independent ventilation equipment, through the study of the control and change of people physiology breathing, can rise to the prevention and treatment of respiratory failure, save and delaying the patient life, important role, has been widely used in all sorts of reasons lead to respiratory failure, respiratory management of anesthesia during the operation, respiratory support, emergency treatment and recovery. With the rapid development of modern medicine, the function of breathing machine is increasingly perfect, and derived the support multi-parameter monitor, digital control, such as boot self-checking medical high-end breathing machine, intelligent function in the practical application shows the high technical and economic benefits.


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Breathing machine is composed of host, more empty oxygen mixer, air, humidity and external pipeline. But modern medical high-end breathing machine, its essence is a computerized microprocessor or control of the machine. The parameters of the breathing machine and alarm Settings need to be stored in non-volatile random access memory, to ensure the safety of the real-time monitoring of related parameters and storage; Man-machine interface in the application of the breathing machine, main parameters can be in the form of words and images in combination with display on the LCD, makes operation more convenient, more joint human nature; In view of breathing machine long-term, strict requirements of high security, high stability etc., all let manufacturers prefer to use standard/industrial-grade computer products to high-end breathing machine hardware platform for medical support.

NORCO, therefore, as a special computer industry leader, surrounding the medical high-end breathing machine introduced a variety of embedded computer products plan, can fully meet the high-end breathing machine for medical related hardware small volume, low power consumption, high stability, high reliability and high performance technical demands.


02、NORCO high-end breathing machine with product solutions


NORCO have good capacity for independent innovation and product customization capabilities, years of development, successfully forged the X86 and ARM architecture two mature computer products supply chain, products related to computer interface card, embedded systems, industrial machine and tablet, etc., can rapid sensitive response more industry customer application needs.


NORCO can provide medical high-end breathing machine for the diversity of computer interface card solutions, including three inch plate, four cubits plate and MITX motherboard, ATX motherboard, etc. Product support Intel, Rockchip, Phytium, Zhaoxin, NXP series CPU; The onboard memory, supporting the fast algorithm with fast storage; Provide a rich I/O interface function, support the Mini HDMI/an LVDS showed that support independent double show; Support gigabit Ethernet/WIFI / 3 g / 4 g network, can meet the demand of various ancillary access; Adopt the open Android smart/Linux operating system, the product of extensibility greatly increased; In strict accordance with the industrial standard design, electromagnetic compatibility is good, low power consumption, high reliability.

NORCO can provide medical high-end breathing machine needed for the industrial production of tablets customization, including increasing customer hardware, interface, customize various exterior structure and the screen size, etc. The product conforms to the VESA standard; Adopt WLED backlighting can touch all planar capacitance/resistance type LCD, application experience good; High resolution, supports human-computer interaction; Rich function interface design, support gigabit Ethernet/WIFI / 3 g / 4 g networks, support HDMI display output; No fans wide temperature cooling structure, energy conservation, environmental protection, can meet the demand of equipment 7 * 24 hours of continuous work.

In addition, NORCO and system perfect, professional and reliable anesthesia machine with computer products, medical imaging diagnostic equipment with computer products, hospital intelligent self-service equipment with computer products, etc., can be fully boost domestic intelligence reform of medical technology and equipment.

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