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Thanks to the rapid development of computer and Internet technology, we are now living in a world more vivid and exciting than ever before. Digital signage as a multimedia carrier integrates sound, images, animation and video etc. is becoming more and more indispensable. As a devoted multimedia platform provider, NORCO has set its goal serves all works of life, and developed a series of industrial computer (terminals) which demonstrated high stability, durability and excellent heat dissipation meets system running speed, sensitivity, stability, noise immunity and other higher demands in information and entertainment industry.

     As one of the leading global IPC suppliers, NORCO has focused on high-definition multimedia player field for many years, and set bring the most trustworthy digital signage platform as its mission, our digital signage platform gained more and more popularity with its excellent stability, powerful compatibility (supports diversified video formats), unique thermal design, ease of operation and excellent display output etc.

      NORCO Industrial PC (terminal) – digital signage is a hardware solution, approached with compact, fanless, low power consumption, high performance, cost-effective product series, NORCO offers tailored ODM services while resorts to its personalized, flexible design and fast production, with its application-oriented design, prospective technology, and professional services that tailored for use, NORCO Industrial PC (terminal) – digital signage platform won the industry’s favor, and the digital signage based on NORCO platform is everywhere.

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NORCO multimedia LCD AD player have been widely used in the government, financial and banking, health care, public utility, educational institution, subway, telecommunication, airport, bus station, outdoor advertising, shopping mall, supermarket, shop, hotel, restaurant, theater and factory etc. ....... after undergone a series rigorous tests of the market, the system is testified to be safe and reliable, and is the most versatile selection to play your ad.

  • Complete HD Decoding


    NORCO’s entire digital signage product line is designed to support full HD video playback and image processing up to 1080p.

    The Integrated video decoder supports the acceleration of multiple video formats VC 1, MPEG-4 and H.264, leading to smooth multimedia playback performance up to blue ray level quality.

  • Fanless Design


     With the highly efficient ICEFIN? proprietary thermal design, NORCO's fanless media players are capable of utilizing a wide range of processors, from the Intel Atom, high speed Core 2 Duo processors to the latest generation of Core processors. 

    The fanless design can prevent dust accumulation, has no moving parts that might trigger resonance, and is completely silent. During operation, it will reduce maintenance costs and ensures a 24/7 operability.


  • Enjoy >1 Choice


     NORCO has established long term cooperation with INTEL, RAM | AMD chip makers, is capable of providing you multi-platform, multi-size, multi-performance electronic products.


  • Rugged Design


    Most conventional systems are specified and tested under “average” loads which are typically 50% of the maximum CPU usage. 

    NORCO specifies and tests its systems under sustained 100% CPU and graphic loads to ensure the systems will perform in the field under all conditions.

  • Industrial Grade


    NORCO products are designed and manufactured by using industrial-grade components for reliability and long-term support.

    You no longer need to worry about the constant maintenance and reliability problems plaguing commercial-grade PC systems.



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