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Our world is getting increasingly intertwined accompanied with the rise of cloud computing, and the surge of Internet content. As we all know, network security is one of the most important systems for running a business, therefore, NORCO and Intel jointly developed the most reliable network security solutions for better help you control and protect your information.
     NORCO offers a number of different network appliance devices that can help with the flow of data, and securing that flow against outside intrusions. With multiple NIC offerings on these network appliance systems, it gives you the option to use it as a unified threat management (UTM) gateway, firewall, SSL, VPN, Load Balancing, IPX, NAC, switch, spam and web filtering.


Firewall       |      Anti-spyware       |      Anti-spam       |      Anti-virus wall       |      Web-page Filtering System       |      Instant message filter 

SSL VPN load balancing                   |      IDP/IPS             |      Bandwidth manager        |       Network access control (NAC)       |      Core switches        

Server load balance                          |      AAA server


  • Why Chosen NORCO?

    Low power consumption  |  Industrial grade anti-shocking & anti-interference  |  High integration |  Can run under all kinds of severe environment | Rich I/O, secure data transmission | Remote monitoring and intelligent control 


  • Fanless

    In addition to a small footprint, our systems are designed to be fanless utilizing the highly efficientICEFIN? proprietary thermal design, perfect for 24/7 operation. The fanless design can prevent dust accumulation, has no moving parts that might trigger resonance, and is completely silent. During operation, it will reduce maintenance costs and ensures a 24/7 operability,  In short, fanless systems are generally more reliable & more efficient than systems that use fans.


  • Multiple Choice

    NORCO has established long term cooperation with INTEL, RAM | AMD chip makers, is capable of providing you products and aolutions based on multi-platform, multi-size, multi-performance.     


  • Rugged Design   

    Most conventional systems are specified and tested under “average” loads which are typically 50% of the maximum CPU usage. 

    NORCO specifies and tests its systems under sustained 100% CPU and graphic loads to ensure the systems will perform in the field under all conditions.


  • Industrial Grade    

    NORCO products are designed and manufactured by using industrial-grade components for reliability and long-term support. 

    You no longer need to worry about the constant maintenance and reliability problems plaguing commercial-grade PC systems.


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