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Today, healthcare is rapidly moving towards a digital platform. With the addition of new compliance and regulatory requirements and reoccurring maintenance costs the challenges of healthcare and medical information increase. From cloud-based medical records to bedside point of care monitoring terminals, HABEY can supply hospitals and medical centers with the most reliable embedded medical technology systems offered today.

Our Medical technology products can not only change the way you provide information to patients, but can also provide remote patient monitoring and portable diagnostic systems further extending the services you can provide for patients and customers.





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  • Why Chosen NORCO?


    ■ Boost productivity and reinforce consistency
    ■ Improve product quality and lower variability
    ■ Replace manual operation under harsh, hazardous environments or help to complete dangerous mission
    ■ Can get things done that go beyond human capabilities (e.g.  bulk, overweight, ultraspeed, etc.)
    ■ Reduce the times of operation
    ■ Hi-output


  • Key Features    

    ■ Low power consumption, energy saving
    ■ Waterproofing and anti-shock, can run under all sorts of harsh environments
    ■ Rich I/O to secure data transmission
    ■ Remote monitoring and intelligent control

  • Rugged Design    

    Most conventional systems are specified and tested under “average” loads which are typically 50% of the maximum CPU usage. 

    NORCO specifies and tests its systems under sustained 100% CPU and graphic loads to ensure the systems will perform in the field under all conditions.

  • Industrial Grade

    NORCO products are designed and manufactured by using industrial-grade components for reliability and long-term support. 

    You no longer need to worry about the constant maintenance and reliability problems plaguing commercial-grade PC systems.


NORCO embedded motherboard joins hands with medical multi-parameter bedside monitor
Accompanied with the reform of health care system and the rising attention towards health, the use of advanced medical equipment to ensure diagnostic information is complete, accurate, safe, has become…
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NORCO PCMB-6680 used in blood analyzer
PCMB-6680 is of low power, small size, fanless design, supports COM, USB, supports PC / 104 expansion to meet a variety of display requirement, in practice, its stable performance, scalability, easy u……
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NORCO PCMB-6688 plays a role in medical monitor
NORCO embedded board PCMB-6688 as a multi-parameter monitor central processing system, resorts to its owerful, low power consumption, and strong stability advantage won its popularity among medical dev…
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NORCO embedded board used in B-diagnostic apparatus
Solution:Nowadays, data collection, analysis, storage and display have been put forward higher requirements due to the continuous improvement of medical devices,NORCO 's embedded motherboards features…
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