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Mini PC BIS-6620 used in the hotel information distribution system

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2015-03-23


       Economic development pushed forward staff turnover, more diverse tourist hotel, brought a huge market space for the hotel industry. But as the number of hotels increased year by year, so is the increasingly fierce competition among hotels, customer expectations continue to rise. Competitive factors such as interior decoration, room quantity, room facilities and price are no longer make a difference,  more and more customers want can enjoy the same comfort in the office or at home, and efficient information services in hotel, humanized service has formed a new way to enhance competitiveness. Thus multimedia information broadcasting system has increasingly become one of the standard configurations at high-end hotels.


System description

       Information dissemination and management system, player terminals and display device together constitute hotels’ digital multimedia information distribution system, and formed a variety of applications such as hotel digital signage, digital bulletin etc.

Hotel multimedia information distribution system provides customers with a full range of information services, including scenic spots, map, entertainment, dining and other local service information, such as the latest traffic routes for city tours, real-time flight information, exchange rates and weather conditions, hotel rooms availability and hotel presentation and so on.

These devices are normally placed at prominent positions, to provide vivid, convenient information services, e.g. place a LCD monitor, a plasma display in the lobby, hallways, elevator, conference hall entrance the, playback hotel description, local tourism attractions, conference information, VIP welcome and the like.


Customer demand:

      Considering the special nature of hotel hospitality industry, multimedia information release system needs to meet two aspects requirements at installing, firstly, the diverse of information dissemination; secondly, take care of artistic, grades and the matches with overall surrounding environment, thus, the ideal device should be excellent at noise, volume and appearance design, etc.


Easy to use and simple maintenance

      Hotels generally do not have a technical staff maintains multimedia information distribution system and content design. Therefore multimedia information system must be easy to use, easy maintenance, staff without professionally training can operating on system at ease and perform simple routine maintenance.


Information dissemination and updates

      Hotels require regularly update information, room availability, weather and other information even need real-time updates, the traditional way of information dissemination will undoubtedly increase the release cycle, and increase the cost of manpower and other resources.


Remote centralized management

      Usually the larger hotels have a clear division at restaurant, conference room, lobby, rooms, etc., the information displayed at different regions is vary, considering the complex and diverse zoning, multimedia information distribution system needs remote centralized management capabilities, to easily realize single display can have separate content or playback according to region at a hotel.



      BIS-6620 is NORCO self-developed multimedia information system player, the series is the first launched low-power tiny computer based on Intel's Menlow platform, it features compact structure, with a powerful logic of computing power, HD display. NORCO BIS-6620 utilizing a unique thermal concept, completely free noise design, the maximum power consumption of only 5.5W, at the same time, it also has the industry's highly praised peripheral expansion capability, and supports a variety of display terminals - LCD, plasma, LED screen  etc. Rich I/Os: SATA, SD and CF cards support information storage, release, as well as customized expansion slots.


Ultra-small size, full-featured, high performance and low power consumption

comply with VESA MOUNT standard, mounting: wall and desktop

     customized I / O interface, providing flexible applications

Provide SATA, SD and CF storage modes

     Abundant displays with random combination

     12V single power supply, fanless design


System functions

       This system is based on LAN or Internet multimedia information release system, supports almost all current mainstream multimedia information format, it allows hotels to build a variety of multimedia platforms can publish information video, images, text, web pages, multimedia video integrated the diversity and vitality of the information, realize remote centralized management and updated information anytime, so that audience can receive the most new information at the first time.


      1. Supports remote unified management and Ads

      2. Support the majority of mainstream multimedia format player

      3. Small size, it can also be used for limited space

      4. No need of manual management, on/off at a fixed time, remote modify volume

      5. Multi-user management, change password, terminal assignments, user audit to ensure that all the programs monitored by administrators

BIS-6620 Advantages


HD Display

Intel poulsbo SCH chipset based, adopts Intel Poulsbo integrated GMA500 display controller that supports full HD 1080p hardware decode, H.264, MPEG2, MPEG4, VC1 and WMV and other mainstream HD video formats, support VGA + S-VIDEO or DVI-D display, VGA resolution up to 1920 × 1080, DVI resolution up to 1920 × 1200.      


      BIS-6620 utilizing Intel's most popular MENLOW series platform, supports Intel AtomZ510 / 530 processor, onboard DDR SO-DIMN up to 1GB.


Reliable hardware configuration

      Multimedia controller is the core of multimedia playback system, 24-hour / day stable performance is the basic requirement for it.  It is designed to industrial grade, suits for 7 * 24 hours of continuous running, you absolutely do not need to worry about the problems such as frequent maintenance and reliability issues that bothered common PC.


      The modern hotel has integrating dining, business and entertainment all-in-one mode, has extensive regional division - conference room, lobby, restaurant, guest room, fitness center, through reasonable distribution of multimedia terminals in different locations, can help customers timely access information.


1.     Lobby:

      Place LCD TV (LCD), delivering hotel videos, daily banquet information, weather forecasts, exchange rates etc. adopts touch-screen to present hotel facilities, floor presentation, as well as scenic spots introduction, train and plane inquiries, City Introduction etc.

      2.  Elevator entrance:

      Install high resolution HD screen which is specially match hall decoration style, noble, elegant, mainly used to publish banquet information guide, hotel videos, promotional materials etc.

   3.  Banquet hall entrance:

      Install information display screen at each banquet hall entrance, wall-mounted or embedded in marble, delivering conference information, guide information, banquet theme, schedule, and salutatory.

      4.  Restaurant:

Install LCD TV at the door of each restaurant room, embedded installation. Set program display sequence, program including greeting, special cuisine, sales promotion, wedding blessings and other information.

      Hotel multimedia advertising system consists of management center, network platform, player terminal and display device (such as LCD, plasma, big screen TV). Management center send video, audio, pictures, and scrolling text and other information to player terminal which will convert multimedia information into video signal of display multimedia, and then release the display from a variety of terminals.



      BIS-6620 features HD playback, small size, low power consumption, high stability that makes it a perfect match to multimedia information distribution system, the adoption of multimedia information release system in turn broadcasts hotel image, room service, special cuisine, transportation guide, ticket booking, etc., the personalized service brings more convenient for customers, enhanced the several level of hotel while reducing the volume of services. The big screen definitely can help to increase the multiplier effect of the hotel via play hotel advertising.


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