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NORCO set digital signage multimedia display system for McDonald's in Australia

Original Source:Administrator|Time:2018-07-19

Project Background:

Nowadays, digital signage is no longer an unfamiliar concept. More and more industries begin to use this system and get a good return. Especially in the catering service industry, digital signage products and service information can stimulate customers' consumption desire and attract customers to eat. In the fast food chain industry, McDonald's is the pioneer of digital signage users, McDonald's has opened chain stores in more than 120 countries around the world, and has successfully established the global "McDonald's fast food kingdom". While popular with the public, McDonald's is also seeking new ways to carry out product and brand marketing, and the introduction of digital signage solutions is one of their product and brand marketing success measures, which has brought huge revenue and global influence to McDonald's. In order to attract more customers to eat, and to make them more genuine to experience the cultural atmosphere of McDonald's catering and a comfortable dining environment, a system integrator in Australia has found NORCO,hoping to create a complete set of digital signage multimedia broadcasting system solutions for a local McDonald's restaurant customer. 

Customer Requirements:

1, High definition display, support for HD Play of mainstream media format files under Windows XP system.
2, Easy to install, saving cost and space.
3. Flexibly extended performance, support independent double display
4. Support remote content release and management.
5, all-weather stable operation, simple operation, easy maintenance.

According to the system integrator, the main purpose of their customer's attempt, is to enhance the atmosphere in the store, strengthen the marketing of brand by providing the rich multimedia content of the education, transfer specific information to a particular audience, and allow customers to choose what they want to eat. Customers require the system to support independent dual display, support multi format multimedia content real-time display, instead of traditional static advertising posters. Dynamic real-time advertising can enable consumers to understand McDonald's latest promotional activities and the latest product information.

System Introduction:

The digital signage system is composed of a computer main control platform, a display screen, a video input and output port and a system player software.
The customer selected a NORCO industrial control fanless box computer (built-in embedded motherboard) as the main control platform and processing control center of the digital signage system, in conjunction with the system special playing software, to realize the real-time synchronization of all LED displays in the counter and the lobby of the store and the display content on the high-definition multimedia advertising screen. It includes the system configuration of three major regions:
A plurality of LED screens are installed on the side of the counter, and the screen can display all kinds of synchronous information continuously. For example, McDonald's trademark is flashed on the far side of the screen, and the screen on the left is magnified almost at the same time. Similar cross screen display is very suitable for the display of sweet drinks and breakfast content. The counter is equipped with self-service Kiosk for customer orientation, so that customers can order meals by themselves.
In the dining area of the lobby, multimedia advertising screens are constantly showing McDonald's advertisements and latest promotions or latest promotional activities. The display is partitioned into multiple display areas, and video display takes up a large part. The sound map is very good, which brings more audio-visual impact to customers.
The management center is in a very small office in the store, with a dedicated computer configuration required, and the system's large storage space guarantees the customer's needs. The manager uses the main control platform of the digital signage solution to manage the various multimedia players in the store and manages, monitors and plays the multimedia content such as advertising through a unique private network. It easily integrates a series rich content such as entertainment, information and advertising. It can significantly increase the consumption. People's activity experience will further strengthen the publicity of McDonald's brand and products.

Key products:

Fanless embedded whole machine built-in main board with MITX.

This NORCO product is customized for customers for the digital advertising application of industrial machine. With compact appearance, users can achieve centralized control, reservation management and update video, audio, graphics and text through IP/ Ethernet. The built-in board adopts the standard Mini-ITX architecture, only 170mm x 170mm in size, based on Intle 945GM + ICH7M chipset, and supports INTEL Yonah CPU479(533/667mhz FSB) and T2500 Core2 CPU. Onboard 2GB 400/533/667 MHz DDRII memory and 1 Ethernet interface. I/O : the whole machine with 1 xIDE, 2 xSATAII, 6 xUSB2. 0, 2 x RS - 232, 1 x MINI PCIe support Mini-PCIE Wifi. Display: dual VGA, HDMI, CVBS TV-OUT display output, supporting VGA1+VGA2, VGA1+HDMI, VGA1+ CVBS-TVOUT output.

Systematic Frame:

Application Evaluation:

*  Bringing a good visual experience to McDonald's customers, attracting customers to eat.

*  System platform provides a full range of management and support, allowing McDonald's focus on the daily operation without any distraction of other things, improving management and saving cost.

*  Let customers no longer feel bored when waiting for ordering or checking out, and enhance waiting tolerance.

*  Alternatively ads can be changed and promoted at any time and festival to enhance the exposure of various main products and increase turnover.

*  Can play a role in expanding its network, advertising promotion and other income generation.

*  Support system remote management and monitoring.

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