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  • 04


    NORCO AI Quality Inspection Computer Product Plan Helps Manufacturing Enterprises to Control Quality

    With the acceleration of industrial automation process, the application of more advanced artificial intelligence, machine vision, industrial computer and other technologies to the quality inspection of…

  • 27


    NORCO AI Edge Computing Special Computer Helps Traditional Energy Enterprises Transform and Upgrade

    We are in the era of high information technology. With the rapid development of computer and Internet technology and the implementation of national energy storage and demand side response, the amount o…

  • 20


    Smart Policing,NORCO can Provide Special Computers for Police Intelligent Vehicles

    In the prevention and control of urban public security, police vehicles shuttling through streets and alleys are controlled by AI enabled vehicles, and have been gradually upgraded to an intelligent mo…

  • 16


    Plant Protection UAV Opens a New Era of Intelligent Agriculture

    In recent years, with the development of civil UAV, plant protection UAV also began to be widely used in agricultural production. In particular, China has more than 1.8 billion Mu of arable land, about…

  • 07


    Upgrade of "Intelligent Manufacturing" | NORCO Provides Special Computer for Automatic Welding Robot

    With the development of electronic technology, embedded computer technology, numerical control and robot technology, the technology of automatic welding robot has been increasingly mature since it was …

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