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2021 China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition | Day 1, NORCO Made a Wonderful Appearance

Original Source:NORCO|Time:2021-03-17

On March 17, 2021 China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition was grandly opened in the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). The NORCO booth (OV09) was very popular, and attracted many exhibitors professional customers in the industry.

Vision China 2021 (Shanghai) Exhibition Scene

NORCO Booth at OV09

As a leader of industrial specific computer, NORCO is also a well-known upstream hardware provider in the field of machine vision in China. Relying on its own professional technology and R & D advantages, and cooperating with the machine vision industry, it has launched a series of highly integrated, high-quality and high-performance industrial computer product solutions in the field of machine vision, which can provide high quality products and services for customers in the industry.


In this exhibition, the embedded barebone solution for machine vision system and the industrial complete machine solution for machine vision system, which are the focus of NORCO, attract the attention of many exhibitors and professional customers in the industry.

Embedded Barebone Solution for NORCO Machine Vision System


Machine vision is a comprehensive technology, including image processing, control, analog and digital video technology, and strong scene, suitable for electronic manufacturing, logistics, pharmaceutical and other industries. Its intelligent and modular multi-functional applications need the help of higher quality and higher performance embedded industrial computer platform to provide key hardware support.

NORCO Staff Receives Visitors


The embedded barebone solution for machine vision system in NORCO exhibition includes the 3rd generations of ICEFIN fanless embedded barebone, multi-network port embedded barebone, multi-U port embedded barebone, etc. The product supports Intel Celeron, Pentium and Core series CPUs with high-speed on-board memory and powerful computing power; it integrates 3D graphics unit and 1080p encoding / decoding video engine to support higher-end image processing and high-definition display.

NORCO Product Display


The product also has multiple I/O function interface design, supports the expansion of PCIE network card, graphics card, capture card, etc., and has high reliability, low power consumption and high stability of industrial level, which can meet the needs of multi-scene application of machine vision system, and has been widely praised by customers in the industry.

Industrial Machine Vision System for NORCO


At the exhibition, NORCO showed the company's advanced industrial computer products and technology highlights for machine vision system in an all-round way. Among them, a series of industrial complete machine solutions with super expansion ability, high environmental anti-interference ability and high standard flexible manufacturing ability also attracted a large number of visitors for on-site experience and consultation.

NORCO Staff Receives Visitors


NORCO can provide customized production of industrial machine for machine vision system, such as the 2nd generation of ICE fanless embedded machine, 4U industrial machine, etc. The product has excellent architecture, integrated efficient processing kernel, integrated ultra high definition video / image processing engine, and multiple functional interface design, which can meet the access requirements of a variety of peripherals.

NORCO Products Exhibition


The product adopts high-quality carbon high-strength structural steel box structure and anti-seismic design of drive frame, which can effectively protect the drive; it has good electromagnetic compatibility, anti-seismic, dust-proof and strong environmental adaptability, which can provide professional, reliable, efficient and safe industrial computer hardware support for all kinds of industrial machine vision system equipment.


Today is the first day of 2021 China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition. If you want to know more about NORCO's innovative technology and star exhibits in the field of machine vision, welcome to Shanghai New International Expo Center at booth OV09. NORCO is looking forward to your arrival.


Exhibition NameChina (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition

LocationShanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

TimeMarch 17-19, 2021


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