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Exhibition News | NORCO Invites You to Shanghai to Witness China Machine Vision Grand Meeting

Original Source:NORCO|Time:2021-03-08

    On March 17-19, 2021 China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition will be held in the New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). With the help of this professional platform, NORCO focuses on displaying the embedded computer product solutions for machine vision, and deeply explores the opportunities and challenges brought by the popularization and application of machine vision with global industry elites and partners.

NORCO · We invite you to participate in the exhibition

Exhibition NameChina (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition
LocationShanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
TimeMarch 17-19, 2021



Actively innovate and embrace the new era

    China (Shanghai) Machine Vision Exhibition is sponsored by the machine vision industry alliance, which is an important new product launch platform for the machine vision industry. After years of development, the exhibition's influence in the industry continues to rise, attracting many outstanding enterprise representatives from many countries and professionals in the industry to attend the exhibition.

    2021 China (Shanghai) machine vision exhibition focuses on AI intelligent solutions, 3D processing systems and embedded visual systems developed in China, focusing on the theme of "innovation and development, international exchange and brand promotion", and is committed to showing the development and innovation of "China Power" to the audience.

    As a well-known embedded computer product provider in China, NORCO will organize enterprise exhibition groups to attend the exhibition in order to actively capture the development trend and new opportunities of machine vision industry in China's economic transformation and upgrading, and deliver our innovative technologies and products to many industry audiences and partners.


Build machine vision industry with industrial control power

    In recent years, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, Internet and embedded computer have developed rapidly in China. As a branch of the field of artificial intelligence, machine vision has been applied in security, logistics, rail transit, smart city, intelligent manufacturing and other industries. It is considered as one of the key technologies in the field of production and processing in the intelligent era.

    Facing the field of machine vision, NORCO actively takes advantage of its powerful embedded (computer) technology, cooperates with the machine vision industry, and successively introduces a series of highly integrated, reliable and high-performance computer product solutions for machine vision system.


    The embedded computer product solution of NORCO machine vision system includes computer board, embedded barebone and industrial computer. The product not only has good quality and performance, but also can be customized and developed according to different levels of customer needs, so as to meet the unlimited possibility of customer innovation and application in machine vision industry.


If you want to know more about NORCO machine vision product solutions, welcome to visit NORCO at booth -OV09 at the exhibition!

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