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Analysis of the Importance of Industrial Computer to the Development of Intelligent Robot Industry

Original Source:NORCO|Time:2021-02-26

With the development of artificial intelligence, intelligent robot is becoming more and more important in today's society with the main task of emancipating human resources. More and more intelligent robots appear in more and more fields, and the intelligent robot industry gradually ushers in high-speed development.

1.Industrial computer to intelligent robot

We all know that the reason why intelligent robot is "intelligent" is that it has a fairly developed "brain". And the essence of this "brain" is to master the embedded computer control system of information processing function, control function and perception function among the robot subsystems. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, embedded computer and network technology, the intelligence level of robot is more and more developed, and gradually has the ability of intelligent recognition, autonomous control, environmental perception, voice interaction, and so on, and in a variety of environments to replace people in dangerous work, industrial processing, services and other aspects.

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Up to now, there are many kinds of intelligent robots in the market, such as industrial robot, agricultural robot, service robot and advanced intelligent robot. The main difference between them lies in the difference between perception function and recognition, judgment and planning function. The ability of intelligent robot to perceive the environment, execute and analyze is closely related to the computing power, data processing ability and network performance of embedded computer hardware in the control system.

NORCO believes that a reliable embedded computer hardware platform is an important guarantee for the efficient and stable operation of the intelligent robot system. Based on the future development trend of intelligent robot in high intelligence, function integration and high environmental adaptability, the professional and reliable industrial computer with better quality and performance can meet the hardware requirements of intelligent robot better than ordinary computer.

2、Product solution for NORCO intelligent robot

NORCO is the leader of industrial specific computer. It has been committed to serving the intelligent society with industrial control power. Centering on the intelligent robot industry and relying on its own strong R & D platform, it has created a series of high-quality and high-performance industrial computer product solutions, which can be used in the control system of intelligent robot.

Industrial computer product plan of NORCO

NORCO can provide diversified and specialized industrial computer hardware, such as computer board, embedded barebone, industrial computer and industrial tablet PC for intelligent robot. The main technical characteristics of the product are as follows:

The products support Intel Celeron, Pentium and Core series CPUs, Rockchip, Freescale, Hisilicon and Phytium series CPUs, and support intelligent robot control system to expand differentiated functions according to different chipset platforms;

The on-board memory supports fast algorithm and storage, which can meet the strict requirements of intelligent robot control system for data processing capability;

The product structure is excellent, with industrial grade high reliability, low power consumption and high stability, and supports the intelligent robot to run continuously, efficiently and reliably for 7 * 24 hours;

Integrated with UHD video / image processing engine, on board sound card and 5W dual channel power amplifier, it can meet the requirements of human-computer interaction and multimedia display of intelligent robot;

Multi serial port design, supporting multiple expansions such as PCIE network card, graphics card, accelerator card and acquisition card, can meet the access requirements of various peripherals of intelligent robot control system;


Multi port design, supporting Gigabit Ethernet / WiFi / 3G / 4G network, with flexible network application environment, can greatly enhance the response speed of intelligent robot control system;


Equipped with Android / Linux and other operating systems, the product has strong scalability;


At present, intelligent robot is penetrating into all aspects of people's daily life, people expect it to replace human to complete more complex and dangerous work. In this process, there must be a series of high-quality, high-performance industrial computers such as NORCO to provide the key hardware support.
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