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Automatic Ground Meteorological Observation Reform: NORCO Industrial Computer Hardware Offers Help

Original Source:NORCO|Time:2020-03-25

    Recently, China Meteorological Administration announced that from April 1, the reform of ground meteorological observation automation will be officially adjusted from national trial operation to operational operation. The meteorological monitoring system based on computer control technology will effectively improve the level of information technology and enhance the operational capacity of observation.

01. Automatic upgrade of meteorological observation system

    With the development of science and technology, computer technology plays an important role in modern meteorological monitoring. Meteorological monitoring work is an important work to provide the society with various climate information data for the prevention of natural disasters on the ground, multiple time and space, different periods of time. The computer system, with its excellent data storage, information processing, resource sharing and other functions, can help to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of meteorological monitoring system data.

    NORCO has learned that computer technology is widely used in the work of meteorological monitoring system. It can automatically receive and process meteorological data, through in-depth learning and cloud computing and other comprehensive analysis of meteorological data, so as to provide timely and accurate meteorological prediction, observation frequency is 4-8 times higher than that of manual, and data collection workload is reduced by about 30%. The computer system also has a powerful interactive function, which can quickly and accurately present all kinds of images in front of the meteorological monitoring personnel through high technology such as amplification and superposition, carry out live monitoring, forecast and early warning, etc., with a high level of automation and practicality.


    NORCO believes that focusing on the development process of surface meteorological monitoring automation, it is very important to use computer technology assistant monitoring system to timely and accurately transmit, receive and process meteorological data information, so as to meet the needs of social production and life. In this process, NORCO has a systematic and complete computer hardware product solution to provide embedded platform support for it.

02NORCO---Embedded computer product solution

    Computer system can provide convenient operation page and service interface for meteorological monitoring. Its excellent data processing ability and storage function are widely used in meteorological monitoring. As the leader of special computer industry, NORCO focuses on the field of meteorological monitoring automation system, and has also launched a series of high-quality and high-performance embedded computer hardware products.


    Based on the complex external application environment of the ground meteorological observation system, there are many industrial embedded barebones, embedded industrial cards and industrial tablet computers in NORCO. After multiple quality tests, the product adopts Intel, NXP, RSM and other low-power smart cores, with strong data collection and information processing capabilities, which can provide professional customers with high-quality and performance product solutions.

    The computer hardware of NORCO applied in the meteorological monitoring system also has the expansion function of multi serial port and video acquisition card, on-board high-speed memory, supporting huge meteorological data information input and output, product anti-seismic and antimagnetic, integrating the new generation of computer image processing technology, which can meet the high requirements of the ground meteorological monitoring system in information sharing and graphics processing.


    Ground meteorological monitoring has begun to face digital, intelligent, networked and automated changes. According to the market development trend, NORCO will also launch more professional and reliable embedded computer products.

For more information about industrial control products in NORCO, please visit the official website of NORCO:

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