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NORCO | Application of Embedded Computer in Community Face Recognition Access Control System

Original Source:NORCO|Time:2020-03-18

    With the rapid development of social economy and information technology, people's demand for security is increasingly strong. Access control system, as an important part of daily security, began to develop towards convenience and intelligence.


    The embedded face recognition access control system is the product of the combination of face recognition technology and embedded computer technology. Because the traditional mechanical lock and microcontrollers control type swipe card access control system need close contact, which is easy to damage, copy and lose, it can not meet people's demand for residential safety. The embedded face recognition integrated machine is born at the same time, which has the advantages of simple collection equipment, difficult to imitate, convenient and intelligent, and is widely used in office buildings, communities, etc.

Face recognition embedded computer product solution of NORCO

    The embedded face recognition access control system is based on the face features of the face as the only recognition object, using high-definition camera to detect the face, and then through the embedded computer system to analyze the feature value and relative position relationship of the face, retrieve a person's identity information from the face access database for comparison, so as to realize the intelligent access control of community personnel access management system.

    NORCO believes that the use of face recognition access control in the community is a powerful measure to strengthen the community security management and promote the scientific and intelligent community service. Based on the embedded computer technology and face recognition technology, in order to ensure the stable operation of the access control system, high-quality and high-performance embedded computer products are also needed to provide hardware support for it.


    Face recognition system involves face image acquisition and detection, face image preprocessing, face image feature extraction and matching. In the development process of embedded face recognition access control, as a well-known manufacturer of industry-specific computers, NORCO has a number of high reliability and high tolerance industrial computers that can be used as the computer hardware carrier of intelligent access control.

    EMB-7542,NORCO adopts the ARM architecture embedded mainboard of Hisilicon Hi3516DV300 processor. The product has on-board high-speed memory, rich interfaces, real-time encoding (decoding) capability of H.264/H.265 multi stream, supports multi-channel signal input and output, and has strong expansibility. It is customized for network IP video monitoring system, and can be widely used in monitoring IP cameras, intelligent access control, aerial photography and other industries.

    BIS-6545C10,NORCO adopts the embedded AI system of Hisilicon Hi3519A processor. The product has stable and reliable industrial performance, integrates Hisilicon ISP, supports WDR, multi-level noise reduction, six axis anti shake and a variety of image enhancement and correction algorithms, supports NNIE neural network computing engine, supports in-depth learning neural network acceleration, supports panoramic hardware splicing, rich interface, strong scalability, and can meet the requirements of intelligent face recognition access control system in computer image acquisition and processing data transmission and other applications.

    Embedded computer face recognition access control system has become the leader of many identity recognition technologies because of its advantages of high speed, high efficiency, non-contact and high security protection system. NORCO keeps pace with the times, and will launch more professional and reliable embedded computer products.

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