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LED Display Screen Strengthens the Smart City Display Terminal, NORCO Embedded Mainboard Offer Help

Original Source:NORCO|Time:2020-03-09

    With the coming of 5G era, it is convenient for the construction of smart city. As the display terminal of smart city, LED display screen develops rapidly in traffic management, video monitoring, human-computer interaction service and so on, with huge market increment.


    With the rapid development of cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, smart city construction has become an important measure for countries to seize the commanding point of information industry and promote social transformation and upgrading. As an important terminal display platform for the construction of smart city, intelligent LED screen is the product of the combination of information technology and computer. It has multiple functions such as multimedia display, video monitoring, human screen interaction, and constantly enriches people's sensory experience.

    LED screen is a new type of imaging electronic equipment, which is made of LED arranged in order. Control card, unit board and switching power supply are its three main hardware. LED screen application in traffic management can be used as a traffic guidance board to assist people in obtaining information; in the field of security monitoring, it can seamlessly splice monitoring screens, improve and deepen the intelligent demand of dynamic video monitoring; in education and entertainment industries, it can realize networking and human-computer interaction, become a new intelligent display carrier, and more and more participate in people's lives.


    NORCO believes that LED screen, artificial intelligence, big data and other high-tech integration, is becoming a new intelligent application carrier. In order to ensure that the intelligent LED screen can adapt to the changing external environment and the 7 * 24-hour stable interconnection, the relevant manufacturers put forward higher requirements on the quality and performance of the embedded board in the control system.


//Product solution of Embedded AI Mainboard

    Intelligent LED display screen is expanding in intelligent applications such as multimedia display and human screen interaction. The embedded AI main board of NORCO is equipped with rich external network interfaces, low-power intelligent "core", which supports real-time data sharing, information input and output, has excellent audio / video coding and decoding ability and touch screen response ability. With video monitoring equipment, it can also establish a full range of Azimuth stereo monitoring system meets the application requirements of intelligent LED screen in entertainment, security monitoring and other professional fields.


//NORCO Embedded Industrial Mainboard Product Plan

    In terms of hardware quality, NORCO's embedded computer motherboard is built in strict accordance with industrial standards, with low power consumption, excellent heat dissipation performance, wide working temperature, and can adapt to harsh environments such as dust, vibration, and high humidity. It supports 7 * 24 hours stable and efficient operation of LED display screen, can carry high-speed processor, and provides hardware support for multi screen networking connection and human screen interaction.


    The intelligent LED display screen is jumping out of the field of multimedia display and developing to the technology of AI and other display integrated systems. NORCO keeps pace with the times, and can provide customized computer products and services according to the needs of customers in different industries.

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