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NORCO |“AI+”Blood Analyzer, the Automatic Way of Clinical Detection of Blood Cells

Original Source:NORCO|Time:2020-03-05

    In the environment of intelligent medical construction, the speed of intelligent and networked transformation of medical devices is accelerated. As the "technology distribution center" of most intelligent devices, embedded computer hardware has also been widely used in the field of high-end medical devices.


Blood analyzer is a necessary equipment in the laboratory of hospital, which is used for the parameter analysis and technology of multiple blood cells in human body. With the rapid development of computer technology in recent years, blood cell analysis instruments based on the constantly improving medical testing standards and huge market demand, also began to be refined and intelligent upgrade.

    The full-automatic blood analyzer is a full-automatic intelligent machine based on new technologies such as computer technology and automation technology, with complete functions and simple operation. Relying on relevant computer systems, it has outstanding performance in data analysis and information storage, and can conduct reliable analysis of multiple parameters at the same time. Through networking and interactive touch screen, it can also realize online information sharing and other functions. It is of great concern in the medical and health market. NORCO thinks that the practical value of blood analyzer should be reflected by the number of test parameters and the comprehensiveness and accuracy of test results. In order to meet the strict requirements of the performance and quality of the medical intelligent equipment, it is necessary to have embedded computer hardware with stable performance, low failure rate and supporting AI functions such as big data processing and image analysis.


    NORCO is the leader of industry specific computer in China. It has been working in the field of artificial intelligence for many years. Based on the development prospect of medical market, it has built a number of high-performance and high reliability embedded computer hardware which can be used in full-automatic blood cell analyzer and other medical equipment.
BPC-7968 Embedded Industrial Motherboard

    BPC-7968 is an embedded industrial motherboard based on Intel processor in NORCO. It has high-speed memory on board, supports multiple display ports, MXM graphics card and independent multi display. The product has industrial grade reliable performance, compact version, rich interface and small size, which can provide perfect industrial computer hardware solutions for medical, AI algorithm, image recognition and industrial automation applications. 

PPC-3310 10.1″Touch LCD Tablet 

    NORCO can customize various sizes of industrial tablet computers according to the needs of customers, including adding hardware equipment of customers, adding hardware system customization of interface and appearance structure, as well as driver debugging, application layer connection and customized application programs.

    Taking PPC-3310 as an example, the product adopts 10.1 "LVDS liquid crystal screen with high resolution, multiple display ports, large memory, independent dual display, integrated network port and sound card, which can meet the application requirements of self-service terminal equipment in various application fields such as medical treatment, logistics, finance, etc.

    Intelligent medical devices is an important way of intelligent medical construction. The embedded computer product solution of NORCO has been widely used in a variety of high-end intelligent medical devices.

For more information about industrial control products in NORCO, please visit the official website of NORCO:

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