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NORCO:Robot Takeout in Guangzhou, AI Technology Changes Traditional Shopping Mode

Original Source:NORCO|Time:2020-02-26

    Since the outbreak of the epidemic, countless people have been living in their homes to fight the epidemic. The life without leaving home has brought high growth to e-commerce, robotics, online office, online education and other industries, or will further accelerate the development process of informatization and intelligence in China. 


Recently, the news that the intelligent logistics robot "takeout" has been launched in the Ivy community of Huangpu, Guangzhou, has aroused public discussion.

    When people can't go out and avoid people's contact, robots based on artificial intelligence and embedded computer technology can quickly make up for positions. It can not only move autonomously, but also support human-computer interaction, intelligent recognition and other application functions, which can ensure people's normal life needs during the epidemic, and also protect the life safety of consumers and businesses.

Intelligent robot "takeout" delivery reality

    NORCO has learned that when the robot "takeout" works, the supermarket employees only need to enter orders and put in goods, and the robot can use environmental awareness technology and computer technology to independently plan routes, move independently and consciously avoid various obstacles on the road. Through intelligent identification and powerful human-computer interaction, it can also independently open the access control, call the elevator to go upstairs and deliver goods to the door of consumers. After the robot sends out delivery reminders through online information sharing, consumers can pick up the goods through face recognition and other ways, which has the advantages of contactless interaction and convenient operation, and has been widely concerned by various industries.


    Nowadays, with the rapid progress of artificial intelligence and information technology, the types of robots are becoming more and more perfect, involving the coordinated development of multiple businesses such as industrial automation, logistics contactless distribution, intelligent identification, etc. In the process of realizing the multi-functional application of intelligent robots such as robot "takeout", NORCO has a number of high-quality, high reliability embedded computer product solutions to provide hardware support for it. 


Intelligent robot is generally composed of actuator, driving device, detection device, control system and complex machinery. NORCO adopts artificial intelligence and automation technology, intelligent "cores" such as Hisilicon, Intel, NXP, Rockchip micro, etc., and innovates and develops a number of embedded AI mainboards, embedded barebones, industrial tablets, etc., which can serve various intelligent robot control systems.

    Based on a variety of intelligent application functions of robot "takeout", the computer hardware interface of NORCO is rich, low power consumption and high expansion. The product has a neural network processing unit NPU, on-board high-speed memory, all in one design, supports high-speed algorithm, has strong audio / video encoding and decoding ability, and can meet the AI application needs of robot "takeout" in self-decision-making, self movement, human-computer interaction and other aspects.


    Based on the external working environment of robot "takeout", the computer hardware of NORCO is also built in strict accordance with industrial standards, with excellent heat dissipation performance and environmental adaptability, dust-proof and earthquake resistant, long service life and high reliability. 

    China is a big country in robot manufacturing and consumption. With the rapid progress of AI and information technology, the intelligent robot industry is also seeking diversified and multi field development. NORCO is the leader of specific computer industry, with rich production experience and strong R & D strength. With the development goal of customer demand, it will launch more high-quality and high-performance computer product solutions in the future.


For more information about industrial control products in NORCO, please visit the official website of NORCO:

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