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NORCO in 2017 International Industry Fair

Original Source:NORCO|Time:2017-11-09

The 19th China International industry Fair (shrt for Shanghai industry fair) is inaugurate in 7th, November, 2017.


Leading industrial computer brand NORCO presents itself the event with its latest and featured products. 




China international industry fair, as a high standard, authoritative, and influential exhibition, attracts thousands of companies in home and abroad every year because of its effective and powerful communication and cooperation platform in industry area.


Shanghai industry fair this year has 9 display subjects. NC machine and metal processing display, industrial automation display, energy conservation and environmental protection technology and equipment display, information and communication technology display, new energy and electrician display, energy-efficient and new energy vehicle display, robot display, and scientific and technological innovation display. There are more than 2500 companies in the event. Endless audience come to the event, and it is estimated that there will be more than 160,000 audience in the end.



     As a wel-known competitive industrial computer maker, NORCO has hold fast to booth A024, Hall 6.1H, Shanghai industry fair national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai) since 7th November. The booth of NORCO located in industrial automation display area.


 1. New advantage products for AI. AI becomes an hot topic, China domestic and international tech behemoths like Alibaba, and google all step into AI area, and lead the new direction of future AI development in the world.


To catch the trend, NORCO is working on the industrial computer hardware product in AI and other frontier science and technology areas, and now NORCO has the preliminary achievements. Model BIS-6370A, BIS-6380E, FLX-2000, and EMB-3531 NORCO presenting in the event meet some of specific AI hardware product requirements.


2. Focus of the focus for NORCO in this event is ‘China domestic product solution’. NORCO is a pioneer and explorer who is the first one to use domestic chip in industrial computer in China. With the passing of 2016 and 2017, NORCO gradually built up a more complete domestic chip embedded industrial computer products series.


NORCO now shows China domestic CPU ROCKCHIP based industrial series products OM-6530 and EMB-3531, and China domestic CPU ‘FT’ based industrial computer series products FWMB-7550, RTL-X800, and BIS-8550 in this event.



The Shanghai industry fair will last to 11th , an NORCO will wait for our customers and friends home and aboard in  booth A024, Hall 6.1H, Shanghai industry fair national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai) with our best quality products, hospitable service.








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