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Guess what! What Endangers Forklift Driver`s Position in Warehouse and Factory Is This…

Original Source:NORCO|Time:2017-10-20

     When we talk about warehouse, we can easily bring it to express and logistics.


    E-commerce is spreading as fast as epidemic, to ride the momentum, express and logistics thus developing like riding a dragon.


    Customers dying for their parcels on delivery, however, a hardworking courier can never solve the problem. What we need is an efficient intelligent warehouse support.


     Except for express and logistics, warehouse is also needed in manufacture, post office, library, ports, piers and airports. Tobacco, medicine, food, chemical engineering, area of hazards and special industries are also supported by warehouses.





     Speak of intelligent warehouse, an technology AGV has to be mentioned.


     AGV, short for Automatic Guided Vehicle, has been used in warehouse of express and logistics for long. It characterized with low-labor cost and high efficiency and output. It helps improves working environment and intensity of workers. AGV to replace workers also ensure the safety of the works to the greatest extent, and it is irreplaceable in some hazardous operations.





    Then how AGV realize its automatic working?


    Ground controlling system and vehicle controlling system co-working is important to the efficiency of AGV.


    Vehicle controlling system is installed in AGV to navigate, guide, and choose path, dive, and charge the vehicle, as well as control it to load and unload cargos.


    Ground controlling system, then, gross control and manage different AGVs in factory and warehouse including task allocationand vehicle management etc.





    Because of the hard environment of factory and warehouse, and special working environment of AGV,


    Computer controlling system of ground controlling system and vehicle controlling system of AGV nowadays mostly adapt embedded industrial computer.


    Leading brand in industrial computer, NORCO, has varies types of industrial computer meeting AGV ground controlling system and vehicle controlling system computer hardware technological requirements of AGV.


    For example, a 15″ touch LCD panel computer PPC-3315E based on ARM Cortex-A9 works perfectly with AGV.




(1) It is Panel IP65 level of protection, water-proof, dust-prevent and adapts to severe industrial environment.


(2) It based on Freescale Cortex-A9 i.MX6 processor, high performance, low consumption, energy saving and more environment friendly.


(3)It supports GbE /WIFI/3G/4G network and meets the high transmission requirements of AGV wireless communication data.


(4)It also supports multi-USB,multi serial ports. Able to connect AGV navigator module, wireless communication module, and warning unit module




    Another NORCO product, BIS-6675 A10, Intel Braswell processor based fanless embedded industrial computer also satisfies AGV ground controlling system technical requirements. Its fanless ICEFIN heat dissipation design, and stability makes it the first choice for AGV ground controlling system to connect multi-path AGVs`  control and management etc.


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