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Returns and Warranty on Defective Products Classification


I -Dead-On-Arrival (DOA) products, or Defective-On-Arrival products:

Products found to be faulty upon arrival or as soon as they are put into use within the first 30 days (45 days for distributors) from the date of dispatch, either due to damage in transit or defects in the products.

For DOA products, the customer can choose from the following services:

A. Servicing at the nearest local sales office of NORCO;
B. Replacement with a product of same specifications or same price;
C. Return service.

II - Warranty defective products:

Products whose defects are found and reported within the warranty period and are covered by the warranty.

For warranted defective products, NORCO will provide repair or replacement.


III - Defective products not protected by warranty:

Products outside the warranty period, or products not covered by the warranty for other reasons.

For defective products that outside the warranty period, NORCO can provide paid maintenance services for products out of the warranty period.



  • Before sending any NORCO products back to a NOROC facility for returns or repairs, you need to send your return or repair-request to us including the following details:

       - Company name and address
       - Contact person (name, phone, fax or email)
       - Delivery address
       - Order No. and Order date
       - Your repair order No. and date (for repairs)
       - Serial No. and short name of every unit (for old units without a serial No. state short name,part No. and Release)
       - Fault description (for repairs) or reason for return (for returns)

  • The return and repair Request has to be sent either by email or by fax to the following address/No.: or you can contact your NORCO sales representative for support.


  • Shenzhen Head Office
    Addr: 6th Fl., Bldg. B, Shum Yip U Centre, Hangcheng Sub-district, Baoan District, Shenzhen, 518126, China 
    Tel: 86-0755-27330897 / 86-0755-27948233

  • NORCO confirms the feasibility of the repair and issues a RMA number to the customer for tracking the repair status.
    To better serve our customers, our technical service centers provide the following services:
    A. 7 x 24-hour telephone technical support service;
    B. Real-time technical support service by online technical specialists;
    C. E-mail technical support with guaranteed response within 24 hours.
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